How to Send Fax from Mac: Faxes have been a part of daily business communiqué, professional exchange of information and dealings, and in some instances for personal communication as well. They are known to be a great source of communication exchange in terms of dealings and associations. Companies usually keep a fax machine handy when it comes to send and receive fax from mac urgently or in the daily communication process.

However, there are different processes for sending a fax message through various other mediums. There are also various other means of sending a fax message be it through the mail, mobile device, or any other medium. You just need to understand how it is sent. And what all things to be considered when sending a fax message.

How to Send Fax from Mac

When it comes to sending a fax message from Apple products. People think of it as a big process. But, it is not true. So, be it any Mac product such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, or Mac mini sending fax seems to be a big hurdle. You can easily send and receive a fax message from Mac with any running version of OS X without the need to have a fax modem or fax server. All you need to ensure is that your MAC devices are connected to the internet. Leave the rest to the FAX.PLUS. The FAX.PLUS app enables you to receive and mac send fax message from MAC anytime and from anywhere.

How to Send Fax from Mac

How To Send a Fax From Macbook? There are a few ways to send a fax from a Macbook. The easiest way is to open the “Fax” application and use the menu bar to choose “Send Fax.” You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Command-V and Command-S.

To send a fax message using the Mac OS X, simply click here to sign up for free, go to the send Fax menu, attach the files and documents you’d like to fax, add the recipient’s fax number and click the send button.

You can also enable the receiving fax on Mac, upgrade your plan to Basic, premium, or Corporate and choose your desired fax number from 40+ different countries. Moreover, if you are using Apple’s productivity apps, including Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes. And looking for a way to fax your documents from these apps. We have got a solution for you how to send fax on mac.

Faxing from Macbook Pro is a convenient and fast way to send documents. The quality of faxes sent from a Macbook Pro is usually better than faxes sent from other devices.

How To Fax From Computer Mac? On a computer, you can easily fax documents by using the included software. You can also save faxes to your hard drive for future use.

How to send a fax from Mac productivity apps, including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote?

There are 2 separate ways of sending a fax message from PAGES, Numbers, and Keynotes. The two separate ways are either your project as a PDF file or fax the file using the FAX.PLUS app or check out the steps and send a fax message directly from the OS X applications. The following shows how to send a fax on mac:

  • Open the number of apps on your MAC device (The process is the same for Keynote and Pages).
  • Make sure your project is finished and it is ready to be faxed.
  • Go on the top menu, click on the Share button followed by the Send a Copy and choose Mail from your system list.
  • A default mail app of the MacBook is opened and your document will be attached to a new mail automatically.
  • Now, type the destination fax number in the “To” field, followed by the Fax. Plus (
  • Hit the send your document button and it will be faxed immediately (Ensure that you are using the same address as associated with your Fax. Plus account).

So, with Fax. Plus you can use the sending of a Fax message service with the secure HIPAA compliant fax service. You can easily send a fax message from Mac devices running any version of Mac OS X, including Yosemite, EI, Captain, and High Sierra and there is also the option of sending a fax from numbers, pages and keynotes using the Fax. Plus email to fax feature. So, start sending you fax messages now.

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