How to Send a Fax Online: there are different methods available. Users can send a fax from their computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or iPad. There are different formats and types of fax available online. You can choose any format or type of fax. All these sample faxes you can get at free of cost to send send fax online gmail.

How To Send A Fax from Gmail for Free? Users can send fax online via Gmail (or any other email server, you are working on), from Google Drive (includes Google sheet or doc file), from MAC (here users have an account of Apple’s productivity apps), there are different formats like PDF, MS Word, etc. Most of the users have their own enterprise services for sending Fax.

How to Send a Fax Online

This is the most popular online Fax service is “FAX.PLUS”. You can send a fax from this online fax service. Users can use it on any device or platform like PC, Smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

To use FAX.PLUS users can sign up using social media platforms like Facebook, Gmail account, or email id. All these options are available for sign up. Sign up on Fax. Plus is free. They do not charge any subscription fee or any other login charges. 

Here, we are going to describe steps for sending a fax from different options:

  • Send fax from a computer
  • Send fax from mobile
  • Send Fax via Gmail
  • Send fax from Google Drive
  • Send fax from MS Office
  • Send fax from Mac devices

fax with phone

How to send from computer:

To send a fax without wasting a single penny, visit the FAX.PLUS website. Here, I am sharing steps regarding can gmail send a fax from Personal Computer or Laptop, please check the below-mentioned points:

  • Create an account on Fax. Plus.
  • You can log in via a Facebook account, Gmail id, or any other email id.
  • If you have already created an account, click on the login option.
  • Login requires no credits or payments.
  • The home screen appears. We want to send a fax so click on the SEND option.
  • In the “Send” box, on the top, there is the “TO” field. Click on this field, enter the recipients’ Fax number.
  • Now, to attach documents, click on the “Attach” option.
  • After completing all the steps. Click on the SEND button. The Fax msg will be sent to the recipient which you want immediately.

Want to know how to send fax via gmail? Hope the above steps were helpful for how to send a fax thru gmail.

There are few other options also given on the Fax. Plus like you can schedule the Fax, add the sample fax cover letter, etc. Users can take the benefits of these features.

send fax with computer

How to send a Fax online from Mobile? (Android and iOS):

If anyone doesn’t have a computer at that time and he is using Mobile phones. Meanwhile, he needs to send a fax. You can use Fax. Plus Android and iOS applications. This application is available on the Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Just need to install the Fax. Plus Application. You can also download it for your tablet or iPad devices. The application is responsive to all display devices. After completing the downloading part, login to the Fax. Plus. All the steps are the same as the prior section i.e.

Click on the “Send” option -> Write recipient’s fax number on “TO” field -> Attach the files -> Click on SEND button.

All the steps and features are provided in the Fax. Plus Mobile Application.

How to send a Fax online from Gmail (Send Fax from email):

Email to Fax is a fast, convenient option that users can use to send their fax thru gmail online. You can send your fax free of cost from Gmail by following the mentioned steps, please have a look:

  • While doing the sign-up process on Fax. Plus. Sign up using Gmail Account. There will be the
    “Google” icon on the Signup screen. Click on this icon to sign up with Google.
  • Now, open your Gmail Account, click on the COMPOSE button to write an email
  • Here, in the recipient’s section, write down the recipient’s Fax number along with (For example
  • Please attach the required documents you want to fax to the recipient.
  • Click on the SEND button, after completing all the steps.

You can write down the body of the email as a sample of the fax cover letter, which is optional or can use the subject as a Note in the email. These are some easy steps you need to follow to send a fax via Email or Gmail.

How to send a fax online from Google Drive (Google Docs and Google Sheets):

To send a fax online from Google Drive, enable G Suite Add ons and use it along with Fax. plus for free services. Some users save their documents on Google Drive. With the help of these integration features, users can directly upload their Google drive documents on Fax.

For this, download Fax. plus Google Docs add on and Fox plus Google sheets add on. After doing this, follow the steps to send a fax online.

How to send a fax online from Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint,…)

In the prior time, users need to set up a fax modem, plug a landline phone into a modem for sending a Fax from MS Office. Now a day, users need to create documents on MS office and can send a fax via email online or use Gmail to send online fax. They need to attach the required doc or sheet along with the email. This is the easy method users can use without worrying about any land phone integration or other machine integration with the system.

To directly send fax document, users can do this with the help of Fax. plus add-in for MS Word. Users can get this Add-in easily from Microsoft Store. This Fax. plus add-in is available at free of cost. You don’t need to worry for the charges. As you can download it at free of cost for any version of Microsoft Office and both Windows and MAC operating system.

Send a fax online from MAC devices:

For MAC Operating System, users can use Fax. plus Web app. This web app works flawlessly on MAC operating system. Users need to open web app on their MAC web browser and send fax online by following the simple steps. If users are using Apple’s productivity feature users’ need to send fax via email.

Is FAX.PLUS a HIPAA Compliant fax service?

Most of the time, users have queries that is a HIPPA compliant fax service. For them, yes it is a HIPAA compliant fax service. That’s why users can send patients’ data/information from They do not need to worry about unauthorized access or any manipulation of data.

This service is available free of cost and there is no need to provide any credit/debit card details while login to the service.

Hope this article is helpful for you to send online fax via any method, platform, or device. Thanks.

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